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Trinomial Cube


A box with 27 small blocks which represent the formula: (a+b+c)³ = a³ + 3a²b + 3a²c + b³ + 3ab² + 3b²c + c³ + 3ac² + 3bc² + 6abc

The lid of the box shows the pattern in plane dimension. 

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  • To Build the Trinomial Cube
Presentation 1: Make Trinomial Cube in Box
  • The child carries the box to the table and the guide carries the little mat. 
  • Place the top adjacent to the bottom right corner of the box. Then pull down the flaps of the box. The box should be off of the mat. The painted red square on the lid should be in the upper, left-hand corner of the box at all times. 
  • Take the prisms out of the box, and place them randomly on the table.
  • "We are going to build the Trinomial Cube." 
  • Place the prisms in the box matching up the sides of the prisms. Do this until all the pieces are back together in the box. The first piece should be the red cube. Place the red cube it in the back, left-hand corner of the box. 
  • Close the sides of the box and place the lid on top. 
  • Invite the child to do the presentation. 
Presentation 2: Make Trinomial Cube Outside the Box
Presentation 3: Construct Trinomial Cube Layer by Layer
Presentation 4: Pull Apart 
Presentation 5: Color Lay Out