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Thermic Bottles


A box with 8 compartments; 8 metal bottles filled with water of different temperature as follows:
             2 = 47° C (hot water - not uncomfortably hot)
             2 = 37° C (body temperature) Neutralizer
             2 = 27° C (cold tap water)
             2 = 17° C (ice water)

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  • To Refine the Thermic Perception
  • Invite the child to the presentation. Show the child how to carry the box; he brings it to the table. 
  • Put the box on the table in front of the child. Open the lid and take all the bottles out. Close the box. 
  • Place the two sets separate from one another on the table – one set on one side of the table, and the other set on the other side of the table. Place the neutralizer bottle in front of the child. 
  • “This is the bottle you always have to touch between bottles.” (The bottle with the red dot.)
  • Touch and let the child touch. 
  • Then find the pair for the neutralizer. Look for the neutralizer on the left hand side of the table. To retrieve the other bottle, first feel the bottle closest to you, and work your way up the line of bottles, feeling each one. 
  • Once you have found the other neutralizer, pick up the bottle and place it next to the neutralizer with the red dot on it. 
  • Place these bottles next to each other in the center of the table. Feel the bottles with both hands.
  • Retrieve a bottle from the right hand side of the table. Place your right hand on the side of the bottle. 
  • Find the pair for this bottle on the left side. Do this by feeling the bottles with your right hand.
  • When you feel you have found the pair, place its pair in front of the child and feel both bottles at the same time, with both hands (left on left, and right on right).
  • Between each pair of bottles found, touch the neutralizing bottles with both hands. 
  • Match up all the bottles.
  • When you have finished, feel all the pairs with both hands to ensure you have found the correct pair. 
  • Invite the child to do the presentation.