Roman Arch


17 Rectangular Prisms
  • 4cm X 2.5cm X 2cm
3 Rectangular Prisms
  • 2.5cm X 2cm X 1.3cm
9 Trapezoid Prisms
2 Prisms in the form of big wedges
2 Prisms in the form of medium wedges
2 Prisms in the form of small wedges
1 piece for the support of the base
1 base in the form of a long wedge
1 semicircle

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  • To Construct the Roman Arch
  • Invite the child to the presentation. 
  • Have the child bring the tray to the table. 
  • Lay out the mat. 
  • Take out all the pieces and place them on the mat, scattered. 
  • Place the three supports in the center in between the two walls. 
  • Sort the rest of the pieces on the mat, according to their likeness. 
  • Place the trapezoidal prisms for the arch around the arch of the support. 
  • Place irregular pieces around the arch, building up with the regular rectangular prisms. 
  • Build all the way up the arc. 
  • When you are finished building the arc, remove the support. 
  • Then tell the child you are going to take out one of the blocks and he should watch what happens. 
  • Pull out the center piece in the arc. The arc will fall.
  • “We need all the pieces to make the arc stand up right.”
  • Take down the arc, and place the pieces in the tray.
  • Invite the child to do the presentation.