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Puzzle Maps


Silk-screened maps, which are laser-cut into continents, countries or states. Each puzzle piece has a specially designed knob for easy removal of that piece. The knob is positioned on the location of the capital of the country or state. The maps represent the continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica & Oceania and some individual countries.

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  • To Understand the Continents, Countries, and Oceans in Relation to One Another
  • To Learn the Names of the Continents, Countries, and Oceans
  • Lay out a rug. 
  • Retrieve the colored globe and place it on the rug.
  • Retrieve the world puzzle map and place it on the rug. 
  • Point out to the child that the globe and the puzzle map are the same. Show the child that the colors of the continents are the same on both the globe and the puzzle map. 
  • When you have showed the child that each are the same, put the globe back on the shelf. 
  • Return to the mat with the puzzle map. 
  • Take out the pieces of the puzzle map and place them scattered on the mat. Pick up the pieces by the knobs. 
  • “Now we are going to put the pieces back.”
  • Picking the pieces up by the knob, put the pieces back in their appropriate place. Do this one by one. Do this for all the pieces.
  • Invite the child to the presentation.