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Progressive Exercises


1 tray with 3 small dishes and 1 large dish. In the large dish are 3 different kinds of objects with about 5 of each object, about 15 total. For example - 3 different types of seashells, 5 of each type, a total of 15 objects total.  

After the child has mastered the first tray of objects with larger objects, present another tray with slightly smaller objects, and then another with very small objects. 

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  • To Refine the Stereognostic Sense
  • Sit at the table with the child.
  • Close your eyes and pick up one of the objects in the large bowl. 
  • Feel it with your fingers and place on the table. Open your eyes. 
  • Allow the child to feel this same object. 
  • Place the object in one of the small baskets on the tray. 
  • Close your eyes and retrieve another kind of object from the large basket. Repeat the above for this second object, placing the second object in a different small basket. 
  • Repeat again for the third object placing it in the only empty small basket on the tray. 
  • Now place these objects back in the large basket. 
  • "Now we are going to sort all these objects with our eyes closed."
  • Close your eyes and place your hands in the large basket. Begin sorting each object with your eyes closed and place them in their respective small baskets. When you are finished, open your eyes. 
  • Place all the objects back in the large basket. 
  • Invite the child to do the presentation.