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Pin Maps


2 wooden maps for each of the continents excluding Antartica; 1 map is a control map with the flags printed on it for each of the countries of that continent. The other map is a working map with pinholes; in flags for each of the different country flags

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  • To Associate Flags with Countries 
The child should know the names of the countries and be able to identify the maps before getting this presentation. 
  • Invite the child to the presentation. 
  • Lay out a mat. 
  • Place the map of the child’s continent on the mat, and the control map to the right of that map. The control map should be turned over. 
  • Retrieve the flags, and base for the flags and place them on the mat. 
  • One by one, take out the flags from the box, and place them on the base. 
  • Ask the child if they know where any of the flags belong. If they do they should place the flag where it belongs. They may place the map in two holes for each country, but not the hole with the star. This is for the capital. 
  • Let the child place as many flags as he knows. 
  • Then turn the control map over, and let the child place the rest of the flags in their appropriate place. 
  • When finished, put the flags back on box. Return the materials to the shelf.