Octahedron Mobile - Assembled


Vendor Info
Xia Li
Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
Founder of mvita, Bachelors in Psychology (UK), Masters in Health Promotion and Psychology (UK), AMI 0-3 Diploma, NAMC 3-6 Diploma
The Octahedron Mobile is the second in the Montessori Visual Mobile Series following the Munari. This mobile is already assembled. It consists of three basic colors blue, yellow and red. After baby has perceived basic shapes from the Munari, the Octahedron is just perfect to give them an idea of basic colors. We use transparent sticks instead of a wooden dowel in order to help babies focus on the colors and shapes. This is how we open the world gradually to a newborn. Size of each octahedron is 7 x 7cm (2.76 x 2.76inch)

This mobile is an educational material, not a toy, supervision is required when use.

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