Natural Mat - Willow Crib with Coco Mat Mattress


This willow crib and organic mattress set is a wonderful safe haven for your newborn and all handmade using natural materials.

Made entirely from renewable willow crops, using traditional basket weaving skills, the willow crib is a stunningly crafted piece.

Tucked securely inside the crib is an organic Naturalmat Coco Mat crib mattress. The bundle contains:

-1 x Willow crib
- Willow crib stand (pine with leather strap)
- 1 x Naturalmat Coco Mat
- 1 x crib bumper
- 2 x organic brushed cotton fitted sheets
- 1 x organic cotton waterproof mattress protector
- Completely chemical free

Dimensions (Including Stand)

- Height 100cm x Width 60cm x Length 93cm

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Until we can offer this product directly from The Montessori Company we are recommending the vendor above. If you don't have an AMAZING experience with their product or if our pricing information is no longer accurate please let us know so we can update our recommendation appropriately.