Mystery Bag


A draw string bag with a variety of familiar but surprising objects inside it such as a rock, walnut, thimble, key, pine cone, rope, feather and yarn; a felt mat for the table

Until we can offer this product directly from The Montessori Company we are recommending the vendor above. If you don't have an AMAZING experience with their product or if our pricing information is no longer accurate please let us know so we can update our recommendation appropriately.

  • To Refine the Stereognostic Sense
  • Invite the child to the presentation. 
  • Show the child how to transport the mystery bag. Have the child carry it to the table. You carry the mat. Lay out the mat on the table. 
  • Open the mystery bag. Place your hands inside and choose an object to feel with your fingers. Do not look inside of the bag. Before revealing what the object is, say the name of the object.
  • Place the object on the mat. Let the child look at the object. 
  • Continue doing this until all the objects are out of the bag.
  • Ask the child if he knows the names of the objects on the mat. Have him recite the names of the objects. If he does not know the names of the objects, give him a three period lesson with the objects he does not know. 
  • Place all the objects back in the mystery bag and invite the child to do the presentation. 
  • When the child is finished, fold the mat back up and return both the mat and the mystery bag to the shelf.