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Knobless Cylinders


4 boxes containing 4 sets of cylinders in each of the different types of cylinder blocks.
Blue box = Cylinder Block 1
White box = Cylinder Block 2
Red box = Cylinder Block 3 
Green box = Cylinder Block 4

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  • Observe & Compare the Various Sets
  • Better Understanding of Dimensions and the Interplay Between the Dimensions
This is done with Cylinder Block 1 and Cylinder Block 2. In this presentation, Cylinder Block 1 is blue, and Cylinder Block 2 is white.  
  • Invite the child to the presentation.
  • Show the child how to carry the box with two hands. The child carries one box and the guide carries the other box to the table. 
  • Lay out all the blue pieces scattered on the table.
  • Place them in order left to right, thickest to thinnest. 
  • Disorder them. 
  • Have the child put them in order just as you did.
  • Take out the white pieces and place them scattered on the table. 
  • Place the white pieces in order, largest (tallest and thickest) to smallest (shortest and thinnest).
  • Disorder the white pieces. 
  • Then have the child place them in order right to left, just as you did. 
  • After the cylinders are in order, ask the child if there are any cylinders in both sets that are identical. To look at the pieces, the child may take the pieces out of order, and place them off to the side to evaluate. The child will see that the first two cylinders are identical.
  • To clean-up, place the cylinders back in their corresponding boxes. 
  • Return the boxes to the shelf.