Rattle, Grasping Beads, Egg with Cup and Peg with Cup


Vendor Info
Jae Jun
Atlanta, GA, United States
Jae Jun, the creative force behind Bella's Casa. It is a learning community for parents who want to create a fun and thoughtful Montessori home space.
This set includes 4 toys that each develop the child’s grasp in a unique way. These simple and beautiful toys provide endless fascination for the infant at the specified stages (2-9 months). 

The Grasping Beads are given to the 3-month-old for the purpose of grasping, mouthing, and transferring from hand to hand. 

The Wooden Rattle is perfect for the 2-3 month-old. This toy provides the infant with an opportunity to create and control noise all on their own. Their delight is evident when they connect the noise to their own movement!

The Egg/Peg with Cup (first puzzle) are for the 8-9 month old and offers a variation of the development of coordination both hands together. At this stage, the infant is fascinated with fitting things together and will tirelessly attempt to connect the two.

Size Information:
The Grasping Beads - about 4" long
The Wooden Rattle - 3" long
The Egg/Peg with Cup - Each pair is about 3" 

Simple directions are included with the set. The toys come together in a lovely cloth bag - ready to make the perfect gift for any newborn. 

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