Geometry Cards


3 series of 33 cards that correspond to the figures contained within the geometry cabinet. The first series contains the forms filled in, the second series contains thick outlines of each shape, and the third series contains thin outlines of each shape. 

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  • Visual Discrimination of Geometric Forms
  • With the child, retrieve the square, triangle, and circle filled in cards.
  • Place these cards on the tray and bring the tray to the table. 
  • Take the cards out of the tray and place them to the side of the table, faced down. 
  • Place the first card in front of the child. 
  • “Let’s go get this inset from the Geometry Cabinet.”
  • Go with the tray to the Geometry Cabinet. 
  • Place the tray on top of the cabinet. 
  • Open the cabinet with the inset you need. 
  • Retrieve the inset and place it in the tray. Go back to the table. 
  • Take the inset in your left hand and trace with your right hand clockwise and with your index and middle fingers. Do this slowly and precisely. 
  • Then place the inset on top of the shape on the card. 
  • Present the child with the next card. 
  • Repeat for the next card, keeping the first card and inset on the table, and setting it to the side while you do the next two cards/insets.
  • When you are finished, you should have all cards in front of the child with the insets on top of them.
  • Place the insets back in the cabinet. Start with the first card you did – the circle. 
  • Pull out the drawer that the inset goes in. Trace the inset with your fingers, trace the frame that the inset is going in. Place the inset in the frame.
  • Return to the table with the tray. Repeat this for the other insets. Return them all to the cabinet in this same fashion.
  • Return the cards and tray to the shelf.