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Geometric Solids


Geometric Solids
A basket with 10 geometric solids: cylinder, cube, sphere, cone, ellipsoid, ovoid, square-based prism, triangle-based prism, square-based pyramid, triangle-based pyramid

Plane Figure  
A box with a lid containing the following plane figures: rectangle, equilateral triangle, square, circle and acute-angled isosceles triangle

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  • To Refine the Stereognostic Sense
  • To Familiarize the Child with Solid Shapes the Surround Him
  • Invite the child to the presentation. The child should lay out a mat. 
  • Show the child how to carry the basket to the mat. The child should carry the basket to the mat.
  • Take out the cube, cone and sphere and place them on the mat. 
  • One by one, do a three period lesson with these three solids, picking up each one while closing your eyes and feeling the surface with your hands. Name the solid aloud after feeling each one.  
  • To clean-up, put the solids back in the basket, and return the basket to the shelf. Roll up the mat.