The Adjective: All Adjective card sets


A packet of all adjective based cards including the following:

-12 phrases with adjectives, nouns and articles as well as an image card.
-12 nouns and 12 adjectives ready to be mixed and matched in the logical adjective game.
-21 adjectives in the positive, comparative and superlative forms as well as a control card.
-All 81 possible combinations of triangles including 3 varieties of each size, color, sides and angles of each triangle.

FORMAT: This is a downloadable product. You will need to cut out and laminate the cards before use.

Approximate card sizes are 1½” x 2” (image cards and half label cards), 3¾” x 1¼” (label cards), 8” x 1¼” (long label cards) and a 8" x 6¾” (control card).