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The national flags of each of the countries, each with its own stand. 

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  • Visual Discrimination of Colors and Patterns
  • Invite the child to the presentation.
  • Lay out a mat. 
  • Retrieve the map of the child’s continent and place it on the mat. 
  • Go to the flags, and retrieve the Mexican, US, and Canadian flags (if the child's continent is North America). Bring them back to the mat with the child. 
  • Take these three countries out of the map and set them next to their corresponding flag. 
  • Explain a bit about each of the countries flags.
  • Then do a three period lesson with the flags only.
  • After the three period lesson, have the child match up the flags with the appropriate country from the map. 
  • Put the puzzle pieces back in the map. Carry the flags back to the shelf. Put the puzzle back on the shelf.  
After this first lesson, do this presentation with three other flags and countries from the child’s continent.