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Decanomial Square


A box with a lid; square rectangles in colors corresponding to the bead stair representing the factors of the Decanomial Square

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  • Visual Discrimination of Shape and Color
  • Building of the Decanomial Square
  • Invite the child to the presentation. 
  • Show the child where the stool is, and have him put the stool next to his workspace. Show the child where the clear base is, and have him put the base on the table where he will work.
  • Show the child how to carry the box. The child carries the box to the table. 
  • Take out all the squares from the box and place the squares on the base in disorder. Then place the box on the stool so that it is out of the way.
  • Retrieve the 10 square, and place this 10 square in the center of the base. 
  • Then retrieve the 9 square and place this 9 square on top of the 10 square, directly in the center of the square. 
  • Then do this for the rest of the squares – 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, until you have formed a pyramid with the squared. 
  • Then disorder the squares on the base. 
  • Invite the child to do what you just did. 
  • After the child does this presentation, take the 1 square, and place it in the very top left side corner of the base. 
  • Then place the 2 square diagonally below that 1 square. The bottom right hand tips of the squares should be touching. 
  • Take out all the 2 pieces (green pieces) from the box and place them in disorder on the base. 
  • Then place the green pieces according to how they correspond to the sides of the red square you just placed. The length of the sides should match up.
  • When the green pieces are finished, place the next square – the three square (pink square) and place it diagonally from the green square, touching the bottom right corner of the green square. Then retrieve all the pink pieces from the box and place them in disorder on the base. Then place the pink pieces like you placed the green pieces. 
  • Continue doing this for all the squares, and corresponding square pieces in the box. Invite the child to do the presentation with you. 
  • Walk around the decanomial to observe it from all sides with the child. 
  • In order to place the pieces back in the box, you need to first find all the matching pieces, and stack the pairs on top of one another. Place the largest pieces in the box first, starting first with the square piece. Continue doing this with all the pieces in the box.