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Brown Stair


Ten wooden, brown prisms which all have the same length (20 cm) but differ in width and height; each prism increases in size progressively in the algebraic series of the second power

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  • To Refine Visual Discrimination of Dimensions
  • Invite the child to the presentation. "Today I am going to show you the Brown Stair."
  • Have the child retrieve a mat and place it where he or she would like to work on the floor. 
  • Go to the Brown Stair on the shelf. Show the child how to carry the prisms. Do this by holding the prism with two hands on either end. Start with the smallest prism first.  
  • Place all 10 prisms on the mat in disorder. When you are finished, sit at the mat with the child.
  • Place the prisms in order from largest to smallest on the mat. The prisms should be touching one another. 
  • When you are finished ordering them, place them in disorder on the mat once again. 
  • Invite the child to work with the Brown Stair.
  • When the child is finished working, show him or her how to tidy up. Carry the prisms in the same fashion and carry one by one. Remember to roll up your mat and place it in its place.