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Cylinder Blocks 1-4


The Cylinder Blocks are comprised of four different wooden blocks. Each block contains ten cylinders with knobs which fit into corresponding holes. The four sets of cylinders demonstrate all the differences in dimension that exist in objects.

Block 1: The height of the cylinders is the same while the diameters decrease from thick to thin. This set shows differences in two dimensions: width and length.

Block 2: Beginning with the smallest, the cylinders increase in all three dimensions: width, length, and height.

Block 3: The difference is in three dimensions; the thickest is the shortest while the tallest is the thinnest. Cylinders increase in height while decreasing in diameter.

Block 4: The cylinders all have the same diameter and width and length decrease in height.

Note: Only Block 1 is featured in the image to the left. 

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  • To Refine Visual Discrimination of Dimensions
  • Invite the child to the presentation. "Today I am going to show you Cylinder Block One."
  • Show the child how to carry the CB with two hands on either end of the block. Have the child carry the material to the table if he would like. 
  • The material should be gently set on a table of the child's choosing with the largest cylinder on the left side of the table.    
  • Sit on the right side of the child if you are right-handed (left side if you are left-handed). 
  • Carefully and with your thumb, index and middle fingers grasp the knob of the thickest cylinder on the left side of the table. 
  • Pick it up and place the cylinder gently and quietly on the table in front of the child but not directly in front of its corresponding hole. Place the cylinders in disarray. 
  • Do this with all the cylinders in the block. 
  • When all the cylinders are out of their holes, begin placing them back in their corresponding holes. Work from left to right on the CB. 
  • Invite the child to do the presentation. 
  • Show the child how to tidy up (place the CB back on the shelf) when they are finished working.