Black and White Cards - Animal Images


Vendor Info
Jae Jun
Atlanta, GA, United States
Jae Jun, the creative force behind Bella's Casa. It is a learning community for parents who want to create a fun and thoughtful Montessori home space.
These cards are ideal for infants because they love contrasting colors.

There are many options for displaying these cards. Place these cards in a frame on the wall, next to your baby's changing table and even near your baby's floor bed!  

The images are carefully designed to be real life images printed on 4x6 inch cards and are of six animals including the following: Butterfly, Panda, Lizard, Dolphin, Bird and Sea Turtle.

These cards have endless potential for visual development, verbal description and matching activities later on. 

6 cards-4-6" printed on the glossy photo paper - ink will bleed on lamination so contact Bella's Casa for different laminating options

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