Baric Tablets


A box with three compartments, each containing 7 wooden tablets: 7 of mahogany, 7 of birch and 7 of balsa. The woods differ by nature in color and weight (35 grams); a blindfold

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  • To Refine the Baric Sense
  • Take the heaviest and lightest sets to the table as well as the blindfold. 
  • Take one of the heaviest and one of the lightest materials and put them in your fingertips (one in the right, and one in the left). Close your eyes. 
  • Hold them in your fingertips, with your elbows out and balance them back and forth feeling the weight of each. 
  • “I think these feel different.”
  • Open your eyes. 
  • Put the two tablets on the table to the side. 
  • Now take out two of the same weight and put in your hands. Close your eyes and balancing them in your hands as you did before. 
  • “These feel the same.”
  • Put the two tablets on the table to the side.
  • Take out all of the tablets and mix them up into two stacks of tablets. 
  • “We are going to put the light ones over here (left) and the heavier ones over here (right).”
  • Put on the blindfold. 
  • Pick up the two top tablets, and place them in your hands. Balancing them back and forth and define them as different or the same. 
  • Place the tablets in their group according to how they are.
  • When you are finished, take off your blindfold and check to see if your stacks are correct. 
  • Invite the child to do the presentation. 
  • To clean up, place the tablets back in their boxes, one by one.