Ace Home - Adult's Chair/Stool


  • NEW STEP STOOL: Made in America! Made in USA! Heavy Duty Construction!
  • HANDCRAFTED: These step stools are unfinished. Fully assembled in our cabinet shop. We make them strong by using screws to hold them together.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: They are unfinished, and that way they don't slide around. Also if you wear socks they will not slip as easy when you are standing on them.
  • BEAUTIFUL: Each step stool has it's own personal look. You can stain them to match your other wood work or paint them. You can also personalize them as a kids step stool.
  • SIZE: 13-1/8 Length x 8-1/2 Width x 5-3/8 inches Height

Until we can offer this product directly from The Montessori Company we are recommending the vendor above. If you don't have an AMAZING experience with their product or if our pricing information is no longer accurate please let us know so we can update our recommendation appropriately.