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Montessori Facebook Groups

Have you joined one of these Montessori Facebook groups yet? If not, check out the list below to see if one of these might be helpful to you. These online groups can serve as wonderful support networks for your work in Montessori and are a great way to connect with other Montessorians around the world! 
A note – some groups may have requirements for joining (i.e. being a Montessori guide, being a Montessori entrepreneur, being elementary trained, etc.). Check with the administrator of the group to see if you would be a good fit for their FB community. 
AMI Montessori Discussions is a great resource for AMI guides of all levels. Community members post about everything from job availabilities, upcoming AMI courses and conferences and advice on children in their environments.
Montessori 101 is a large online Montessori community that works to provide a place for parents and teachers around the world to discuss how the Montessori philosophy can be used in both home and community environments. It is an active group and is a great tool for new parents that are interested in implementing Montessori’s principles in their home. 
The Montessori Homeschooling FB community believes that even children attending a Montessori school for the better part of their day are still homeschooled as children learn first and foremost from their home environments. This FB group is great for relevant articles and book recommendations on Montessori philosophy. 
This group is used for selling second-hand Montessori materials and handmade Montessori materials. Join this group if you find you are always on the look out for the odd item here and there. Finding materials on this site can be a great way to save some money.  
Montessori Teachers is another active community but this FB group is exclusively for Montessori teachers. The purpose of the group is professional development. Members strive to deepen their understanding of the philosophy and work to support one another in applying these practices in community environments. 
A Montessori FB group for parents and guides working with infants and toddlers in both community and home environments. In this group, members discuss shelf set-up, the Montessori philosophy, RIE, positive parenting and effective disciplining techniques. 
The Montessori Research Interest Group serves as a place for people interested in Montessori education to share research-related information, ideas and opportunities. Join this group if you are involved in or hope to get involved in Montessori research!
A community of educators and parents committed to public and non-profit Montessori education as a vehicle for helping each child reach their full potential. Join this group to be part of the movement for greater equality in the world starting with children!
This is a virtual community for small businesses and entrepreneurs creating resources for the Montessori world. It can be a great support network for those that need a sounding board and advice from other entrepreneurs in the field of education.    
And finally, a group dedicated to the elementary guides out there! While beautiful, this curriculum is so vast, that every elementary guide absolutely needs support anywhere she can get it. How wonderful that these elementary guides have found a place where they can share their ideas, ask questions and discuss relevant topics. Join this group if you are an elementary guide and need a bit more support!
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Michelle Rugel-Hiatt

Michelle is an AMI certified primary and elementary guide. She is passionate about creating beautiful Montessori environments.
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