Montessori Lists: Montessori Consultants for your Home or School

Montessori Consultants

We hope you are enjoying our Montessori Lists Series! This week we have put together a group of highly recommended Montessori consultants for both home and community environments. Check out their websites to see how they might be helpful to your work in Montessori!
The Prepared Environment – Washington D.C., USA
Leanne is both Montessori and RIE trained. She has experience working directly with children and in mentoring teachers. Leanne also has experience in creating homeschool programming. She does a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in her services.
Voila Montessori – California, USA
Jeanne-Marie is a consultant with a diverse background and is trained in Montessori at both the 0-3 and 3-6 levels. She offers guidance to pregnant couples and parents with children ages 0-6 years old. She is also available for public speaking events! 
Toddler Education Services – New South Wales, Australia
Ruth Barker is a published author, a columnist and a presenter. She is an expert in all things “little kid” and has experience in working with children with extra needs. She consults with families and has a shop where she sells materials for young children. 
Hannah Rochford - London, UK
Hannah is an AMI trained guide and has been implementing Montessori principles in her home since the birth of her daughter in 2013. She offers advice related to parenting the Montessori way. 
Tricia’s experience in Montessori is diverse and includes direct work with children and also work with government organizations and schools. She offers different consulting packages so that you can choose which best suits your needs.  
Bee Line Consulting – Colorado, USA
RB Fast consults with school leaders that are working to ensure that their school is running as smoothly as possible. She also consults with those about to embark on the exciting journey of starting their own school! 
Sara is an AMS Montessori guide and is currently the Director of a Montessori school in NYC. She is available for worldwide consultations and works with parents and teachers alike!
ETC Consulting – Texas, USA
ETC Consulting specializes in working with schools to create better programming for their school communities. Services and advice range from accreditation issues, successful Montessori curriculum implementation, parent orientation and teaching policies.  
NM Consulting – Maryland, USA
The team at NM Consulting runs “Mommy and Me” classes in addition to doing Montessori at home consulting and parenting workshops. They conduct short Montessori workshops that cover Montessori theory that you can register for through their website.    
Montessori Woods – Georgia, USA
While Montessori Woods specializes in furnishing Montessori environments with their beautiful handmade furniture, they also consult for those who are about to set up their own Montessori school and need help in knowing which furniture pieces to purchase.

The Montessori Foundation - Florida, USA

The Montessori Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that works to support Montessori schools all around the world. They support Montessorians in a variety of capacities ranging from consulting to marketing.
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Michelle Rugel-Hiatt

Michelle is an AMI certified primary and elementary guide. She is passionate about creating beautiful Montessori environments.
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