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After years of Montessori training and teaching in primary and elementary classrooms, Michelle knows both the beauty and the challenge of a well-run Montessori classroom. She has observed, taught and helped organize environments in Maryland, Chicago, Switzerland, Mexico and Thailand. She holds AMI primary and elementary certifications, and is currently enrolled in an AMI Assistants to Infancy course in Denver.

In a practical sense an effective Montessori environment comes down to well-trained guides, efficient record keeping and planning. But underpinning much of Maria Montessori's philosophy is the sense of aesthetics and beauty that should permeate the child's space. Every material, piece of furniture and aspect of the layout should be imbued with order and serenity. Children internalize the beauty around them, forming a foundation of inner peace that is the basis of well-structured emotional, social and cognitive development.

Unfortunately time and budget constraints leave many environments deprived of the exceptional materials our children deserve. While excellent physical materials are easily purchased online, the creation of many paper-based materials is frequently left to already over-burdened guides. Hand-drawn illustrations are substituted for readily-available clipart or photographs, and the artwork designed to inspire the child's creativity is replaced by whatever is convenient.

Every aesthetic delight in the environment is an opportunity to demonstrate the joy of life to the growing mind, to show a child that we both create and maintain beauty in our world, and that they have a responsibility to do the same. But Michelle and many other guides have struggled to find easily accessible (and affordable) materials that incorporate sufficient aesthetic rigor.

The Montessori Company was established to make it easier for guides and parents to fill their environments with truly exceptional materials, from hand-drawn illustrations to books and other child-specific products. Michelle and her team are dedicated to creating the most beautiful, thoughtful and philosophically consistent materials, and making them easily accessible so that the "convenient" materials can also be the best materials.

We are a small but passionate team. If you have any questions about us, our mission or our products please do not hesitate to reach out. We will do everything we can to make it easier for you to create beautiful environments for your children.
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Michelle Rugel-Hiatt

Michelle is an AMI certified primary and elementary guide. She is passionate about creating beautiful Montessori environments.
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