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What are three-part cards?

Three-part cards are a common Montessori material used to teach vocabulary and language skills to young children.

The cards consist of three parts: a picture or illustration, a label, and a control card that shows the picture and label together. The picture card shows only the picture or illustration, while the label card shows only the label.

The idea behind three-part cards is that the child is presented with the picture card and the label card separately, and then matches the label card to the picture card. Once the child has matched all of the cards, they can use the control card to check their work. There are also other ways to use these cards.

Three-part cards can be used to teach a wide variety of vocabulary words, including animals, plants, household objects, and more. They are often used in combination with other Montessori materials, such as object-to-picture matching activities, to help children build their language skills and vocabulary.

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