The Montessori Company Leaf


The Montessori Company Leaf

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Name Position Location Certifications Interests
Meenu Chaudhary Head of School Canada
Justin Tosco Montessori Guide United States AMS 6-12 Educateurs Sans Frontières, Farm Schools, Montessori Research, Montessori in Public Schools, Montessori in the Home, Outdoor Education, Parent Outreach
Thy Lam Tran Other Viet Nam
Rebecca Grugan Owner Australia
Karli Hurlebaus Montessori Guide United States
Michala Meath Assistant Czech Republic
Laura Behrens Other Germany
Nicole Vogt Montessori Guide Japan
Zuzana Kašparová Administrator Czech Republic
Jaclyn Greenbaum Head of School United States
Maria Gimenez Montessori Guide Spain AMI 3-6, AMS 6-12 Educateurs Sans Frontières, Montessori in Public Schools, Parent Outreach
Eleanor Latimer Other United States
Rafa Rodriguez Head of School Spain
Cristina Tebar Assistant Spain
stephanie schneider Montessori Guide United States
Katharina Vogt Montessori Guide Germany
Kimber Phillippo Administrator United States AMI 3-6 Educateurs Sans Frontières, Farm Schools, Material Making, Montessori Research, Montessori in Public Schools, Multilingual Environments, Outdoor Education, Parent Outreach, Special Needs
Kathy Tjardes Montessori Guide Germany
Loinaz M. Montessori Guide Spain
Zuzana Vašková Head of School Slovakia
Aysylu Yanturina Darles Other Switzerland
Meenu Sahi Head of School India
Lesley Neustein Other United States
Shawna Freischlad Montessori Guide Austria
Laura Behrens Other Germany