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The Montessori Company Leaf

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Name Position Location Certifications Interests
Stefanie Weber Assistant Germany
Pier Paolo Perrone Parent Germany
Delice Nelioufer (Nel) Jayawardana Owner United States
Christina Gasbarro Montessori Guide United States
Cristina Sanz-Ferrero Trainer Spain
Diane Edmonds Montessori Guide Australia
Katarína Dudeková Other Slovakia
Renata Kanagaratnam Montessori Guide Australia
Jennifer Davidson Head of School United States
Karine Perkins Head of School Gabon
rebecca higham Head of School New Zealand
Lisa Schad Montessori Guide United States
Jiri Sadil Administrator Czech Republic
Christiane Salvenmoser Trainer Austria
Guillaume Darles Montessori Guide Switzerland
Lucie Lord Assistant United States
Rhonda Sheehan Head of School Australia
Kathryn Erickson Other United States Montessori in Public Schools, Montessori in the Home, Outdoor Education, Parent Outreach
Bettina Tioseco Owner Canada
Olena Naumenko Head of School China
Katelynn Johnson Consultant Russian Federation AMI 0-3 Material Making, Montessori in the Home, Multilingual Environments, Parent Outreach
Nancy Rikheim Montessori Guide Norway
Monika Koudelkova Trainer Slovakia
Praveen Ramanathan Assistant India
Brin Burnham Montessori Guide United States